William Dean A. Garner Discovers Serious IT Flaw That Could Bankrupt Amazon.com Overnight

ABomb2-494x565from WilliamDeanAGarner.com:

“I harm with cruelty those who wound me.” —Archilochus

Recently, I discovered a potentially devastating flaw in the IT architecture of Amazon.com.

This flaw, which can be taken advantage of by any person or company selling products through Amazon’s subsidiary, CreateSpace, is potentially ruinous to Amazon and all its companies.

If implemented by a certain number of sellers at about the same time, it could not only collapse Amazon’s IT infrastructure . . . but could demolish and bankrupt the company. To say it would be a PR nightmare for Amazon is an understatement.

In the coming months, I will be revealing the nature of the Amazon-killing flaw I discovered in the IT infrastructure at Amazon.com and all its stores worldwide.

Unfortunately, I am now in the middle of litigation against Amazon and CreateSpace, so what I reveal initially will be limited.

Suffice it to say, I performed an experiment over a two-week period . . . collected many hundreds of documents that support my work . . . definitively identified the flaw . . . and am now analyzing the data for write-up and presentation before a federal judge via my attorney and his legal team.

How is Amazon reacting to this so far?

By attempting to sweep it under the rug, which is what big companies do initially. A major problem with big companies is INERTIA: they’re slow to start, and once they get going on something really stupid, they are slow, if not impossible, to stop . . . unless you kill the system and do a reboot.

Specifically, Amazon’s CreateSpace terminated my account on 27 November 2015 and refused to release royalties that now total over $309,000.

If I were to advertise this flaw worldwide, which is gonna be very easy to do, Amazon will be headed for a serious reboot. [Amazon and CreateSpace, please take notice.]

I’ll have a think on it and get back to you. . . .