Who Really Owns Your Gold, Third Edition By William Dean A. Garner

WROYGBOOKCOVER06July2015From WilliamDeanAGarner.com:

Who Really Owns Your Gold, Third Edition began as a modest article on Chris Kitze’s BeforeItsNews.com. Chris and I discussed the content well before he suggested I write it, and we both polished it to a high shine. After reading it a few times, I decided to expand it to a book and publicize it via alternate-news radio shows like Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren, SuperWoo Radio with George Kavassilas, Veritas Radio with Mel Fabrigas, etc.

That was more than six years ago.

Today, the latest version of Who Really Owns Your Book is as relevant as it was when I first published it. It remains 100% accurate in all assertions and facts and suggestions, even down to purchasing all those handguns and ammunition. Modesty aside, I highly recommend it for anyone wishing to learn who runs our beautiful world and how they do it, using gold economics as an example.

Amazon currently lists Who Really Owns Your Book at $24.05, a whopping 82% off the list price of $135.95.

Someone scolded me in a blistering email the other day why I would price such an important book so high. I replied that I wanted to discourage people from buying my book, and to focus on the two sequels to it. Adagio Press commissioned new author and researcher Sean Maclaren to write both sequels, because I am off on other projects and going on walkabout here and there.

Maclaren’s first sequel is ARCANUM: A critical analysis of the original 36 sermons of Jmmanuel, the man known to the world as Jesus Christ. The second sequel is ROMANIC DEPRESSION: How the Deadlight of the Black Pope and the Jesuit Militia Distort the History of the United States of America.

In the end, Amazon decided to discount the book, thus doing the opposite of what I had intended: encouraging people to buy this important book. Someone at Amazon is looking out for all of us, methinks.

For those of you who follow David Wilcock’s DISCLOSURE tv series on GaiamTV.com, I am a featured guest on a few episodes, the first of which airs on July 9, 2015. I discuss the history of the Jesuits and their associates over the centuries and share my intimate knowledge of their actions and behaviors in all walks of life.