Wall Street: The Jesuits’ Legal Theft Of Your Money

The jesuits designed and built Wall Street as a legal means to steal money from unsuspecting people.

Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco, Dubai: all quite different on the outside, but the same system underneath.

Thousands of laws protect the intricate banking and financial system of the world from the very people it rips off. Those are typically mildly wealthy citizens plus some industrious members of the middle class. In the long run, the system never loses, although sometimes it appears to, but that is just for effect.

Steal From The Rich and Give to the Richer

In America, Wall Street is also a clever means to lure the wealthy and control them and their money.

As an aside, why do you think the banking system insures your money for only $250,000 per account? If the system was designed to protect the investor, it would protect the investor. It does not. Someone with a hundred million dollars has no choice but to play the Wall Street game, because his money is not safe in any bank.

Interestingly, the wealthy are the easiest to control because they’re the greediest and will fall for a good sales pitch if they think it’ll make them more money. They also do not wish to become a part of the lower classes, so they do as they are told and go along to remain a member of what they are told is the “elite” club.

The jesuits are experts at getting the wealthy to do as they are told. They’ve been doing this for almost 500 years and have controlled every king, queen, monarchy and government, mostly via blackmail. How? The jesuits improved the infamous confessional, a means to learn every secret of the royals, their court, and all their minions.

Wealthy people are so greedy and paranoid, they look after their money every day, talk to their financial managers several times a day, and dream about better ways to make money. They live in a world of money, are completely controlled by it, and they don’t even realize it.

Celestiophysics Governs All

Wall Street is tightly controlled by celestiophysical cycles that only the jesuits understand. There are a few researchers who are familiar with these universal cycles. They do not have a complete “book” or computer program that contains all the necessary data. Nor do they possess the means to predict  and artificially manipulate future cycles.

If you know when the financial market is going to crash, you can pull out before you lose your money.

If you know that the market will have a big upswing, you can go all in and make a killing.

Some financial managers claim to be in the know, but none are. Jesuits allow only certain members of Wall Street to know certain data points. This is just enough to be able to carry out their orders and make them a lot of money, or cause others to lose a lot. Only a handful of financial managers are real money-makers, courtesy of their masters, the jesuits.

Some ignorant souls swear by Wall Street, because they have consistently earned 12% on their investments each year for 25 years. Don’t be fooled by this statistic.

Remember: The House Always Wins

The house allows a certain percentage of players to make money, so the system appears to pay out a lot over time. Sometimes, the house even appears to lose big.

Again, don’t be fooled: the house always wins. And so do the jesuits.

If you don’t want to gamble with your hard-earned money and possibly lose everything, then don’t play the jesuits’ legal game of theft and deception.