The New Age Of Caligulation And Deformity Of The American Spirit And Moral Intellect

June 15, 2017

Dear Americans,

So many of us are at a loss to explain the events over the last 16 years, since the jesuits carried out the false-flag attack on the twin towers in New York City and ushered in a highly accelerated plan to subjugate the liberties of Americans.

A whirlwind of false news from BigMedia has not made it any easier, either, further clouding all the major players who took part in the attack.

Those of us who have taken the time and effort to study these events know that they have been accelerating and increasing in magnitude, with more and more calls for gun control in America, and tighter restrictions of our personal liberties. We are less than one carefully orchestrated step away from insanity.

The rapid acceleration of false-flag attacks on us Americans and our institutions should be alarming enough, let alone being serviced with false and misleading information from the jesuit-run BigMedia.

Whom should we believe?

What news is considered accurate?

Certainly not any of the members of BigMedia, who lie outrightly, distort the accurate truth, and slip and slant the rest of the news to guide us good Americans in any direction they choose.

Their propaganda tactics and strategies have worked all too well.

At least until the jesuits’ new president was emplaced.

I won’t bother writing this animal’s name. I think you are familiar with him, or at least his consistently boorish behavior. His antics are so over-the-top, they defy applying any rational definition.

In times past, the jesuits have used court jesters like the currently emplaced US president to deeply divide a country’s citizens into at least two different groups: the intelligent minority and dumb leftovers. It has worked well in Africa for the past century-plus, yet reasonably intelligent speculators never thought it could be brought to America.

The jesuit court jester is a last resort, the final rabbit yanked from a spent top hat. It’s time signals the end of reason and sanity, while ushering in a new age of caligulation and deformity of the American spirit and moral intellect.

Rome never actually fell. It just wrote a new playbook and inserted new characters, after court jesters like Caligula and his disciples had emptied the town’s coffers.

Fact is, Rome never falls. It may fall into hibernation ever few hundred years, but the sleeping wolf never dies.

How will this play out in America over the next five years, with most Americans drunk on welfare EBTs, three flatscreen tvs to a house, marijuana and opioids available from the corner pusher, unlimited alcohol, and fresh entertainment from thousands of cable and online channels?

Fighting gun control is the least of our issues. Fact is, the jesuits don’t need to remove guns from Americans. All the jesuits need do is cut off sources of ammunition and/or black powder, very easy steps to take. They’ve been manipulating the market for “black-powder” (traditional black powder, nitrocellulose or other material used as a propellant for bullets) for more than 10 years now, so it would be no surprise that its availability in the future will be zero, leaving millions of Americans with plenty of firearms … and no fire.

Gun control is merely a distraction for something far more sinister: the slow removal of Americans’ liberties.

When a power restricts the movements of its citizens, it controls nearly everything about them. And when that power offers abundant welfare to the population, the American people are beholden to the very power that seeks total control over us. Worst, Americans will be too distracted and numbed to speak and act against our oppressors, lest Americans lose their only source of income and means to live.

Question is, what will Americans do when our controllers tell us we are no longer a free people and that the jesuits’ “protection” is for our own good?

Will you believe it and simply go along so you’re not singled out and thrown in prison or an internment camp? Even though more Americans than ever before are questioning our oppressors’ control over our liberties, few are doing anything about it. We just turn back to the tv and flip through thousands of channels until something catches our eye.

With clever manipulation and guidance, Americans have become the latest domestic animal, one as docile and dumb as sheep and cows, and easily led to slaughter.

Fortunately, there are a few good Americans who will continue studying these disturbing events, thinking about counter-measures, finding ways to spread the accurate truth, and, above all, disregarding the jesuits’ methods of steering us where they wish.

Our oppressors cannot possibly control everything and everyone.

The challenge we Americans face is to find meaningful purpose in our lives, throw ourselves into it passionately, and live a grand life outside the influence of oppressors.