The Jesuits’ New Slave Labor

SlaveLabor1In 1940, Jesuit priest Josef Stalin was waging war against the people of the Soviet Union, all of whom were considered slave labor, regardless of their job, position or station in life. The Jesuits murdered more than 20 million* Soviet citizens during this dark period, and established the largest slave-labor camp in the world . . . Until China took the pole position in recent years.

Today, the Jesuits see all Americans as slave labor, regardless of job, position or station in life. They disguise it in a number of ways, and numb the population in many more, so no one really notices it. Those who do notice are “encouraged” to look the other way.

How could you possibly be a member of this modern-day slave-labor force?

Do you:

  • Pay personal income taxes?
  • Pay tax of any kind on land (real property) you “purchased”?
  • Pay periodical recurring taxes on anything you “own”?
  • Have a Social Security number?
  • Have a birth certificate?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are an official slave to the Jesuits and have been branded as a member of their slave-labor force in America.

*This figure may be as high as 50 million.

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