The Jesuits’ Hidden Hand: Its Dirty Fingers Stir Every Important Pot

There are many brilliant economists and physicist who attempt to predict the behaviors of global and local markets, and some are sometimes reasonably accurate in their predictions.

These people live and work in a tightly closed, highly regulated system that is sometimes manipulated just enough to effect a certain outcome, one that could never have been predicted by a brilliant scientist or economist.


It is not because they lack the thinking smarts. Not by any stretch. These people clearly are some of the best we humans have to offer. 

But they are severely deficient in one key area: how a given system will be artificially manipulated by the jesuits’ hidden hand and its dirty fingers that dip into markets and other systems across the world and change just enough variables to turn events in the directions the jesuits desire for that moment or a period of time in the future.

Very few people are privy to the jesuits’ know-how. Most of their minions, which are hand-picked from the best universities and institutions and companies in the world, and function well as obedient and docile sheep, do not have a clue about their masters’ behaviors, much less their motives and desired results and end games. These minions become the best at what they do and operate the best they can within the jesuits’ closed system.

And when things need to be steered in another direction, or some minor course correction is necessary, the jesuits perform a minimum of actions to make it happen, without the knowledge or knowing participation of their minions.

Modern economic “theories” (not really theories; more like pet hypotheses) are developed within the existing framework of a modern economy, government and social structure. People study this closed system for many years, write books, papers and articles about their and others’ work, and are held up to society by BigMedia as “experts.”

These so-called experts have no idea that geoeconomics is far from the “predictable” system they have concentrated on for many years, even built their life’s work on. They are ignorant about how the jesuits use tools like celestiophysics to determine when and to what extent the jesuits will artificially manipulate a given market to propel it to prosperity or crash it. When the jesuits create a secret action that throws off current equilibrium of a given system, those “experts” call it a random anomaly, without bothering to study how it actually occurred and who created it.

Every economic and social recession and depression in America was planned many years in advance by the jesuits, whose celestiophysical data governed the approximate date when an artificial manipulation was to be performed. Even if a mainstream researcher had no access to jesuit research archives, he could study the results of the recessions and depressions on all levels available in public data, and see patterns of behavior that reflect the artificial manipulation of those systems.

In my book, Romanic Depression (Book One), available on, I reveal how the jesuits have artificially manipulated many different sectors of society to create what I term a state of fail-maintenance across all sectors in America. Each sector is distorted, tampered and tinkered with just enough to produce near-failure, and is maintained in that fail-maintenance state by the jesuits.

The results are many: mathematical, physical and behavioral chaos across all sectors of American society, resulting in an ongoing depression, withering away of the Middle Class, severe decrease in the quality of education of our children, a military that is hamstrung by ridiculous rules of engagement and lack of proper funding for critical missions, lack of adequate healthcare, accepted quackery and fraud in medicine and science, etc.

The list is endless, all that plagues our nation.

Those who live and operate within this closed system, the Matrix, know only their own jobs and associated rules and regulations.

What if they were read in on all the knowledge currently out of their hands, because the jesuits keep it so well hidden?

Quite literally, every sector of American society would undergo an upheaval that would require a complete re-start of each sector, complete retraining of all personnel, a wholly new education system for our children, etc.

The necessary changes would be staggering.

Worse, they would take decades to effect, as at least two generations of Americans would need to be retrained and re-educated to the new doctrine, one that did not involve the hidden hand of the jesuits.

Is this scenario even possible in a world dominated by one small group of Roman martinets?