The Jesuits: A Magnificent And Misunderstood Enemy Of The People

JesuitLogo.svgSun Tzu warned us 2,500 years ago to “know your enemy.”

Do we really know the Jesuits, other than the brief histories and biographies they have allowed to remain in the public domain?

No, we do not.

In my blog, I shall endeavor to uncover valuable information about this organization, and present it to you in readable form.

For those of you interested in doing your own research on the Jesuits, I have established a page that lists more than 200 excellent references about them, their history, actions and behaviors over the nearly 500 years in existence. Since I have been able to collect these important books, I am confident you also can find them, at least in pdf format.

I hope you enjoy this long and thrilling journey with me, as I travel to dark and distant places around the globe to uncover any and all clues about the Jesuits and how they operate in all sectors of society.

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