The Hidden Dangers Of Google’s AI-Generated Toxic-Speech Filter

Little by little, we Americans are being further attacked and shackled by a system too big to fight, although most Americans don’t even notice it, because of the thousands of distractions that effectively silence one’s subconscious alarms.

Such words provide little to no hope for the rest of us who do: a system too big to fight.

Before we give up altogether, let’s consider the latest hidden dangers to our Universal liberties: Google’s artificial-intelligence (AI)-generated toxic-speech filter, Perspective.

Understand first that Google is controlled by the Jesuits. In fact, no company of measured influence on Americans escapes them. It’s a system in place for nearly 500 years and it has served the Jesuits very well, controlling humanity by modulating all facets that influence it: entertainment, sports, medicine, law, education, etc.

William Garner has discussed the background on the Jesuits in his book, Who Really Owns Your Gold, Third Edition, and I have discussed it further in my book, Romanic Depression (Book One), both on Amazon.

How Scary-Big Is Google?

Google’s search engine is now the only real means to do online searches, its rivals having been consumed by the giant or forced out of business.

With such influence over virtually every piece of real estate on the worldwide web, Google secretly and silently dictates the laws and statutes, rules and regulations, and actions and behaviors of what is published and displayed on the web.

And there’s not much we can do to oppose what they dictate.

With the introduction of its recent AI-generated toxic-speech filter, Google is set to become the ultimate judge, jury and executioner of all that is published on what was once advertised to us as the last frontier of true freedom on Earth.

Never mind the fact that freedom is nothing compared to liberty, a term the Jesuits do not want us to know, much less use against them.

Enter: Google’s AI-Powered Toxic-Speech Filter, Perspective

From the Perspective website:

Perspective was created by Jigsaw and Google’s Counter Abuse Technology team in a collaborative research project called Conversation-AI. We are also open sourcing experiments, models, and research data to explore the strengths and weaknesses (e.g. potential unintended biases) of using machine learning as a tool for online discussion.

Perspective is an API that makes it easier to host better conversations. The API uses machine learning models to score the perceived impact a comment might have on a conversation. Developers and publishers can use this score to give realtime feedback to commenters or help moderators do their job, or allow readers to more easily find relevant information, as illustrated in two experiments below. We’ll be releasing more machine learning models later in the year, but our first model identifies whether a comment could be perceived as “toxic” to a discussion.”

Please visit the Perspective website and study it for yourself. The possibilities are frightening.

The Hidden Dangers of Perspective

Many people engage in passionate discussions online. Some discuss who runs our world and how we can counter their actions. Others talk about the dangers of BigPharma and BigMedia.

Some of those online chats and posts run hot, yet they still contain bits of useful intelligence and information not found in any mainstream news source.

While the vast majority of Americans do not care about these issues, there exist a handful of dedicated researchers who oppose Jesuit rule and feed off this useful and much-needed information.

Perspective seeks to remove what they are now calling “toxic” speech and discussions.

Some of my writing, according to the Jesuits, falls into the category of “toxic” speech. Yet it is useful to those interested in learning about our controlling powers.

When Perspective begins removing useful “toxic” speech, we researchers are stripped of important intelligence about a largely hidden power that is slowly killing all that opposes it and removing it from online searches, discussions and posts.

A Near Future With Perspective At The Helm

Next, Google will be dictating what can be posted on personal websites.

This is not some far-flung prediction. It follows a logical pattern: attempts to silence so-called “conspiracy theorists,” portray “conspiracy theories” as ideas born of unstable, angry minds, and to prevent the spread of “fake news.”

It didn’t take an AI-powered algorithm to generate these observations. You could’ve discovered them on your own.

All I did is look at the results all around me.

The results of malicious behaviors are easily detected when you simply open your senses and absorb information.

Imagine a world where this valuable intel is lost to the liberty-killing, AI-powered machines like Perspective.

Your only source of “intelligence” will be what the Jesuits dictate, “friendly” companies like Google.