The Chinafication of Syria

The jesuits have directed the Chinese military to send elite special-operations forces, the Night Tigers and Snow Leopards, to Syria. The Chinese military is committed to supporting the Assad regime at all costs, although this is never reported in mainstream media for fear of causing a panic in America.

The Chinafication of the World

Over the past 50 years, China has sent commercial operators across the world to infiltrate more than 100 countries, setting up small villages and towns for its Chinese settlers. Small shops and restaurants normally go unused in each country, manned only by a single person or small Chinese family, but the footprint still serves as a foundation for further Chinese settlement, influence and future rule.

This is the jesuit way: establish a small foothold in a province … infiltrate the indigenous population … influence local politics and economy … and ultimately take over and control the area, region and country.

Now, the Chinese are being directed to send its military forces into unstable countries, which will slowly come under total Chinese control.

Africa Is a Chinese Outpost

For example, Africa has been a hotbed of Chinese military and commercial activity for over 30 years, with China sending in covert operators and civilian support personnel to dozens of African countries to establish a secret Chinese rule.

Africa’s infrastructure is being directly built or subsidized by China.

China Owns Your Life

China has spent a trillion dollars across the world in its jesuit directive of taking over each country and its economy, including the United States. Witness the chinafication of America’s economy, Hollywood, real estate, BigPharma, BigEntertainment, BigMedia, etc.

If you can control a country’s economy, you control everything else.

Syria is just a first step in the Chinese military’s takeover of Middle East operations.