The Chinafication of America

Over the past three years, I have polled more than 350 Americans about where their store-bought products come from.

Ninety-two percent stated China, the rest said Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand and a few other countries that manufacture American products.

You don’t have to be an expert in world affairs to understand that China is the benefactor of US manufacturing firms, plants and jobs since the early 1950s. After WWII, the Jesuits set up the Soviet Union to be America’s archenemy, with China playing the #2 role in case the Soviets were not up to the task.

The Jesuits also began grooming China to be the next world power by building a sophisticated infrastructure of cities built specifically for manufacturing workers and support personnel. Over the ensuing 50 years, China was further built into the world’s largest holder of manufacturing plants and companies, while the US saw its plants and facilities sold off and abandoned.

China even supplies many components of the US military’s high-tech fighter jets, tanks, armored personnel carriers, and ships. At any time, the Jesuits can direct China to withhold those high-tech components and cripple the US military. But you won’t read about this fact in any mainstream news source.

For those of you who still cannot accept the fact that the Jesuits control our world, keep examining the results around you. Someday, with sufficient evidence, it will dawn on you.

Those “ignorant” souls I queried about China knew something we all know but don’t pay much attention: that the manufacturing power of America has been torn down below the root and transferred to the current world power.

I also asked those same people about how America’s beloved Middle Class is doing during this current depression.

First, no one thought we were in a depression. Some parroted mainstream media: it’s a recession.

Second, few thought we even had a Middle Class.

Several older persons who had been working in the 1960s commented that they’d seen the gradual decline of America’s working class, but that they didn’t really see it until it was too late.

Several young people said they always thought there were only two classes: rich and poor. I ask them to define rich and one young woman said, “My boss makes $50,000 a year. He’s rich.”

I’m willing to bet that most American’s are aware that we have lost manufacturing plants and jobs to China. I also wager that most Americans realize that our Middle Class is largely gone.

But no one speaks of it. Why? Is it too painful? Are people just too incredulous to believe what they sense every day? Are there too many other distractions that prevent our seeing the obvious?

Most people do not trust their own senses, their own intelligence, so cannot possibly perceive the accurate truth.

Each day, we are bombarded with more than a thousand advertisements of various forms and media. While we may not consciously tend to each assault on our senses, some of us do absorb it subconsciously and even process it somehow, leading to a demoralizing state. The Jesuits know exactly what it takes to numb us and dumb us down to apathetic fools. All you have to do is look around you at how effective their advertising is, passively forcing us to believe their propaganda.

Have they told us that we are now in the worst predicament in our history?

Do they share with us the fact that China has slipped passed us as the greatest economic power in the world?

How could a country that does not even value its own citizens rise to the top of the international community and produce the largest and fastest-growing middle class in the world?

The answer is simple: China’s meteoric rise is 100% artificial, and is due solely to the actions of the Jesuits and their carefully crafted plans.

In the 1960s, US manufacturing companies found clever ways to tell the American people why they were moving their production facilities overseas: lower manufacturing costs meant lower prices of goods sold in US stores. This was true, of course, but those same companies failed to explain to us the future consequences of destroying America’s manufacturing sector: it would eventually lead to the decline and ultimately destruction of our working class, which also would produce a long-lasting depression in all areas of our society.

The push to move American production overseas forced us to find other types of jobs. Those who could not cope with the harsh transition from blue-collar manufacturing work to some other form spent time on welfare. When that was exhausted, America’s working class slowly faded into the lower economic rungs where they languish today.

In contrast, China’s middle class is growing faster than our own in the years following WWII. The running joke in the international community is that the typical American is now subsidizing the typical Chinese middle-class worker so he can dine at good restaurants, drink fine wine from Bordeaux, take long vacations to Europe, and live the good life in brand-new Chinese cities, built with American know-how.

In 2000, only 4% of China’s urban households were considered middle class. Today, it has soared to nearly 75%. Again, this rise is unprecedented in the history of the world. What’s more, this 75% figure also represents about 500 million Chinese citizens, which is 200 million more people than in the whole of America. These statistics are staggering on all levels and often difficult for the average person to comprehend.

China also buys millions more units of widescreen tvs, laptop computers, cars and trucks, etc. In America, sales of these items have dropped off significantly over the past 20 years, even with large discounts given by big-box stores.

US manufacturers are now catering to the growing Chinese market, which can afford much more than the “Middle Class” American’s fare of food, clothing and shelter. What is perhaps surprising of all, nearly 40% of these middle-class Chinese consumers can speak English. Not that it matters economically, but how many Americans can speak even one word of Chinese?

The sad point is being made each work day: the American Middle Class is circling the drain and is being replaced very quickly by a new type and size of middle class, this one in China.

Is all this an accident? Again, no. Nor is it typical under a “normal” economic system.

These basic statistics should be just enough to convince you of a troubling fact: our manufacturing prowess is largely gone and we are not likely to get it back in the next 50 years, which is how long it took the Jesuits to build up China as the current world economic power. The best we can do is hold on to our current position, while China accelerates to new heights.

How do we American’s compete on such an uneven playing field?

The answer is sobering: we do not, unless the Jesuits give up their power or are overthrown by a benevolent force that seeks to build a fair and equal world. This has not been seen in modern history, so why should we think it will happen in our lifetime, if at all?