Sean Maclaren On The So-Called “Illuminati”

Egyptian-EyeFor more than 2,000 years, there have been secret societies and groups that have met behind closed doors. Since the mid-1500s, the Jesuits have sought to infiltrate these societies and subsequently control them from within. Some societies were dissolved, others allowed to continue, depending on their popularity and tactical and strategic usefulness to the Jesuits.

The so-called “illuminati” was designed and controlled by the Jesuits from its inception, and has for the past 240+ years served as a semi-public to public face of the Jesuits, allowing them to work in relative safety and comfort behind the scenes while the “illuminati” dealt directly with public figures.

The illuminati, as a group or its individual members, does not control anything.

The illuminati is simply a public puppet of the Jesuits, putting on a grand circus performance for ignorant citizens.

The illuminati does not run Hollywood or Nashville.

The illuminati does not control politics.

The illuminati is a circus act for the benefit of the worldwide audience.

The Jesuits are the master controllers of their puppet illuminati, as well as hundreds of other societies and groups that act in various capacities as public proponents or opponents of the Jesuits. Those who seem to oppose the Jesuits are “false and controlled opposition,” meaning they act like enemies of the Jesuits in public but, in reality, are merely a ruse designed to attract loyal followers among the population and control their actions, behaviors, movements, etc.

I discuss the Jesuits’ actions and behaviors in an upcoming book, ROMANIC DEPRESSION, which examines more than 40 different sectors of American society and shows definitively how the Jesuits have distorted history, not to mention building intentionally faulty sectors.

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