Sean Maclaren On “Liberty Of Expression”

We’re all taught that “freedom of speech” is important to a so-called “democratic” process. Democracy does not exist anywhere on the planet except in the dictionary and in useless textbooks.

Freedom is nothing more than a concept of independence, something written on paper or spoken about that provides Americans the grand illusion that we are free to express ourselves any way we wish.

Liberty is the ultimate means to express yourself. Without liberty, you have nothing except the two-dimensional notion of freedom.

The difference between freedom and liberty is simple: freedom is like having a million dollars and never spending it. Or being allowed to spend it. You simply have it in your bank account, the illusion you are wealthy. You may as well have two cents in your account if all you have is freedom.

Liberty, however, is freedom in motion, the right or license to express this freedom and go out and actively do something with it. Like spending that million dollars.

Without liberty, freedom is a fool’s paradise.

Freedom of speech is no different.

While the US Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, this “freedom” is worth nothing because the jesuits do not allow the guarantee of actually practicing this so-called freedom. Recent acts and laws have fully subjugated Americans’ Constitutional right to freedom of speech, although the jesuits do not pursue every person who speaks out against them and throw them in prison, only the ones who garner a sufficient following and speak out to the point that it makes the jesuits nervous or somehow thwarts their sinister efforts.

The jesuits will argue that “rights” are only guaranteed to, and practiced by, those in power, and that Americans are granted privileges, not actual rights. After all, only royalty have rights and they permit their subjects certain privileges.

Personally, I have and exercise Universal rights and do not recognize the definitions of rights and privileges laid down by the jesuits.

What I propose here is not freedom of speech but “liberty of expression” for Americans, the actual right, privilege, license, whatever to exercise one’s thoughts, ideas, beliefs and to share those with anyone one chooses.

For example, if I personally see that the powers that be are destroying America in some slow, insidious fashion, I speak about it and report on it. Luckily for the jesuits, only a handful of people listen to me or read my articles.

Nonetheless, I am exercising my right to liberty of expression instead of simply telling my friends I have the Constitutional right to share my words.

My wish for you: exercise your Universal right to liberty of expression and do something strong and positive that counters the actions and behaviors of the jesuits.

Liberty of Expression: it’s not just a concept, it’s the ultimate way to live. . . .