NEW BOOK RELEASE: The Suppressed Truth About The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

SuppressedTruthCover13Nov2015Adagio Press is pleased to announce the release of the most important account of the murder of President Abraham Lincoln: The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

This title is also the first in a new series of books from Adagio Press that reveal the inner workings of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, the human controllers of our beautiful planet.

Over the years, many supporters, followers and readers have asked for a list of books about the Jesuits, so William Garner and I created this new series to resurrect many ancient books by courageous authors who exposed the sinister deeds of the Jesuits and their followers.

For those of you who wish to discover these ancient books on your own, please see my detailed list of books on Jesuit behaviors and actions since their founding in the early 1540s.

Adagio Press will be releasing several new books on the Jesuits in November and December 2015, with many more on the way throughout 2016. These releases include The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth: The Jesuit Assassin of Abraham Lincoln by Finis Bates (grandfather of movie actress Kathy Bates). If you thought Booth was shot and killed by Union soldiers in 1865, you will be in for a quite a story.

Other books: Rome’s Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

Adagio’s new version was edited by New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and editor, William Dean A. Garner, who created a very readable version for the modern audience.

In the early 1900s, author Ms. Burke McCarty did seven years of exhaustive research in court records, books, newspapers, magazines and archives, and interviewed many people who were intimately familiar with the events surrounding the brutal murder and international conspiracy.

Ms. McCarty was a former “Romanist” who was well familiar with the Roman Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, who planned and executed the assassination on American soil.

The book reveals for the first time the background, behaviors and actions of Jesuit Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli, the Vatican’s Secretary of State who designed and planned the assassination, using the Jesuits’ complex and far-reaching system of spies, supporters and operators, from Europe to America.

Ms. McCarty exposes the ultra-secret pact among the “divine righters” of Europe, whose primary goal was to destroy “popular government” everywhere, especially in America.

Her brilliant work also exposes The Saint Leopoldine Foundation and its American supporters and operators who aided and abetted in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

Ms. McCarty said, “I am convinced that if this knowledge can be given adequate distribution and placed in possession of the boys and girls of the public elementary schools, for whom it is especially designed to reach, that the wicked boast of the Jesuits and their lay agents, the Knights of Columbus, to make America Catholic can never be accomplished.”

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