Jesus Christ Did NOT Die On The Cross At Golgotha

Arcanum11May2015Various Romish powers have rewritten history to reflect their own version of events. The revisionist information we read about in different versions of the Bible, for example, is based on ancient sermons by Jmmanuel Sananda, the half-extraterrestrial/half-human known to the world as Jesus Christ.

My new book, Arcanum, reveals Jmmanuel’s original 36 sermons, which were written by his disciples and son and preserved for nearly 2,000 years in a small cave outside Jerusalem, before being discovered by two men. One of them translated the Aramaic documents into German. Later, they were translated into English and largely forgotten. It goes without saying that these earth-shaking sermons have yet to reach the eyes, minds and souls of the worldwide audience.

I invite you to discover for yourself the facts behind the stories we grew up with, and to learn about Jmmanuel’s actual messages to his followers: all of humankind.

In Arcanum, I also give readers a meticulous analysis of these sermons, so we humans can better understand where Jmmanuel was coming from and what he may have meant in his passages.

The third part of the book lists in detail 124 Laws of Creation and the Universe, which serve as a general foundation for living and conducting oneself in life’s affairs and preparing for the hereafter.

It is not well known among the general world population that the Jesuits are currently the power behind all nations and governments, and that they control the geopolitical and geoeconomic processes on the planet, using the power of celestiophysics. It is my supreme hope that every person on Mother Earth understand fully who this entity is and how they operate. Arcanum is my first attempt to unravel the secrets of these Romish powers and to alert all good people throughout the world of their inhuman deeds and behaviors.

If Jmmanuel were alive today, he would doubtless strike down the Jesuits and their minions, as the world today is nothing like he ever imagined or planned.

The man known to the world as Jesus Christ did NOT die on the cross at Golgotha. He traveled to India with his wife and mother and a small entourage. Arcanum details some of his travels and also shares more than 300 books about Jmmanuel, his life and his travels to an in India where he eventually died.

Arcanum is available in paperback from Amazon and in ebook here on my site.