Jesuits’ Latest Tactic To Discredit Those Who Report On Real Conspiracies

The jesuits’ latest tactic to discredit those who report dangerous conspiracies is nothing short of comical, something a 12 year old would do. Fox News recently posted the article.

Less than five years ago, the jesuits began inserting colorful characters in tv shows and movies. These people portrayed “conspiracy theorists” in a comical or dramatic manner, thus making them appear to be silly, inept and paranoid, not to mention spreading false information about real conspiracies. The effect is for viewers to see them as ignorant souls who spread disinformation, and should not be believed by the public.

The jesuits have now taken it a step further: mainstream news media, all owned and operated by the jesuits, now have banner headlines that feature the reporting of “conspiracy theorists,” and in some publications, “Conspiracy Theories” is a separate subject heading.

Since Google and all major search engines are controlled by the jesuits, they automatically point online searches for information on “conspiracy theories” to the jesuits’ major news websites, thus providing researchers seemingly legitimate resources to learn from and share with like-minded people.

Small, independent websites that post accurate information about jesuit tactics and behaviors are thus excluded from these searches, or relegated to back pages of searches, and their accurate information is rarely seen by those who seek the accurate truth.

In a previous post, I have discussed what “conspiracy theories” really are and how they give the jesuits “legitimate” reasons to pursue, charge and imprison people who report on the nefarious actions of the jesuits.

A general rule of propaganda is, “prominently publish a lie enough times, and the public perceives it as truth.” When BigMedia and BigNews use their power to publish false information to the public, and they do it over and over, the unsuspecting public then accepts it as truth and it goes in history as such.

The next step for the jesuits will be to have formal news and information shows, programs and tv shows that teach the American public about “conspiracy theories” and those who formulate and present them. The jesuits will then invent a whole new commercial definition and presentation of “conspiracy theories,” which will become the norm for America. Behind the scenes, the jesuits will be carrying out real conspiracies without fear of being detected or hampered.

Good news, though: not everyone believes these false jesuit news reports and clever disinformation tactics.

Many Americans know the jesuits lie about many things all the time. They just don’t speak out about it.

Perhaps when the jesuits commence their martial law and begin knocking on Americans’ doors, they will learn just how many good Americans will not bow down to them, because these good people have clever and thinking minds of their own and they’re not going to be bullied by some gutless cowards from Rome.