“Flap Potential”: The CIA’s Release Of Its Own Sensitive Documents

Family JewelsOver the past eight years the CIA has released 31 million pages of sensitive internal documents, previously classified as SECRET and/or EYES ONLY. Then-CIA Director General Michael Hayden, in a speech  wished to assure the American public that “his CIA is not your father’s CIA.”

Yet that very CIA also released documents that clearly show it engaged in unlawful detention and torture of detainees on foreign soil. In fact, the CIA continues to this day, to detain “terrorists” and other malcontents in various off-site locations throughout the world and here on American soil.

No, the CIA is certainly not my father’s CIA, which was directly involved in fomenting every significant event during the Vietnam War.

This modern-day CIA is far worse.

John_A._RizzoWitness former CIA General Counsel John A. Rizzo who personally signed off on the CIA’s killing of hundreds of people via drone strikes and other methods following the false-flag attacks on US soil, on 11 September 2001:

“While being a CIA lawyer has never been dull, the legal issues the Agency has had to contend with over the past 5 years would have been unprecedented and largely unimaginable to me on September 10, 2001.  A couple of brief examples:

“In the operational arena, CIA in my experience had never before been authorized to detain and interrogate an individual believed to be holding vital national security information.

“In the foreign intelligence collection arena, CIA had never before been authorized to collect more volumes of information from exponentially more sources, and to analyze, and share that information faster with our counterparts in the law enforcement community, state and local governments, and our foreign partners.  While only a very small portion of that information dealt with individual Americans, we had to be then and must continue to be now constantly mindful of the privacy rights of our fellow citizens.”

Our own Jesuit-designed, -built and -maintained Central Intelligence Agency continues to act on the Jesuits’ behalf throughout the world and also here on American soil, ensuring that no person or group or large organization interferes with their agenda. Lawyers like John A. Rizzo ensure that the Jesuits continue to fall within the bounds of the law.

Just whose law this is shall remain a mystery . . . until the next round of documents are released in 25 or so years and labeled “Not your father’s CIA.”

“Flap Potential” – When living persons pose a direct threat to current and future CIA operations.