Everything You Know About Jesus Christ Is A Lie

Arcanum11May2015The Jesuits ordered the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to capture and kill the translator of Jmmanuel Sananda’s original 36 sermons.


Were the scrolls on which the sermons were written more than 2,000 years ago somehow threatening to the Jesuits?

The translator was only able to translate 36 sermons before he was murdered by the IDF.

What happened to the other sermons?

Everything you know about Jesus Christ is a lie.

The Roman Catholic Church has lied to you for centuries, and continues to withhold valuable evidence that would destroy its very existence. The Jesuit controllers of all worldwide religions and churches ensure that you do not have access to this important information.

Arcanum features Jmmanuel’s 36 extant sermons in glowing detail, along with a critical analysis of the sermons’ messages and meanings, a compelling list of 124 Laws of Creation and the Universe, and more than 500 primary-source references for the scholar, researcher and historian.

Read for yourself the words and messages to all of humankind from the half-extraterrestrial/half-human sent to Mother Earth by the race of extraterrestrials who engineered the human race.