Correcting The Grand Impedance Mismatch And Preparing For A Global Mononation

Communism was a grand experiment based on the thousands-year-old concept of socialism (read: despotism, disguised as something palatable to the subjugated people), where everything belongs to everyone, equally. Not quite: the haves still had what they stole, and the have-nots still had nothing.

The jesuits knew they could not unroll their plan in a country whose citizens would immediately fight back, so they softened up Russia with terror and hardship, slapped on a few revolutions, and produced a subservient population of ignorant souls, calling the new method communism. They ghostwrote Karl Marx’s works and disseminated this new philosophy and form of governing to┬ámany parts of the world, including India, Nicaragua, Cuba, all of eastern Europe.

The plan was to seep into the western hemisphere and eventually into America, whose impedance (read: ideological resistance) was vastly different from Russia’s. Every hero must have a villain. America the World Hero had its nemesis in the Soviet Union. Still does.

If one’s goal is to build a large circuit consisting of smaller circuits of wildly different impedances, when connecting each smaller circuit to the rest, the impedances must match. Or be imperceptibly low. Otherwise, you blow a fuse and the whole contraption may become useless.

The ideologies of the east (communist) and west (on the face, resembles a republic, but is called a democracy) must be matched well enough before they can be merged into one global mononation, one that has the look and feel of communism, but with the painful reality of fascism.

For more than 50 years, the jesuits used the Soviet Union to roll out tactics and strategies that undermined the morals and standards of America. Soviets introduced long-term strategies of demoralizing and destabilizing America, and causing mass confusion and fear in her citizens, who slowly became incapable of questioning these changes, let alone fighting back.

Today, we are a fascist nation that has the appearance of a rhinestone republic, because the jesuits have largely corrected the once-severe impedance mismatch between Russia/China and America. Funny how most Americans see us as a democracy, although they have no clue what one actually is.

We are now ripe for merging with the communist east, now that our impedance has been reduced to nearly zero and we are willing to accept whatever is given to us.

Likewise, those in the east eagerly welcome the delicious decadence of the west. The mixing is two large bodies of water where one cannot tell where one ends and the other begins.

The only way to change the rising tide is to increase the level of resistance, build barriers to oppression, and educate the masses about the true human spirit and subconscious, which has been systemically suppressed by the jesuits. These changes, if implemented today, will take a minimum of one generation, about 25 years, to show any positive movement.

If only Americans knew of their personal power hidden deep within their own subconscious.

Yes, if only.