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Sun Tzu The Art of War: Ancient Wisdom . . . Modern Twist

TAOWCoverAdagio Press is pleased to announce the re-release of Sun Tzu The Art of War, edited by former New York Times bestselling ghostwriter/editor William Garner, and now available in paperback on


“Dean Garner’s version of The Art of War confirms for us that for the past 2,000 years the fundamental principles of special operations in battle have not only remained true, but they apply equally to today’s boardrooms and bedrooms. When on the hunt or holding ground, success can only be had by the precise application of disguise, deception and diversion, and a genuine appreciation for angles, inches, and seconds. Ranger Garner masterfully shows us how.”

-Dalton Fury, New York Times bestselling author of Tier One Wild and Kill Bin Laden


“Dean Garner’s The Art of War is a concise, lucid, and relevant version of  the master of war Sun Tzu’s famous edicts. The application of Sun Tzu’s  wisdom is just as relevant today as it was centuries ago, except today we  have in our grasp capabilities that the master did not possess when he  wrote the original. Our challenge is to capitalize on those technologies  to achieve the outcomes the master of war defined. Dean’s work in  providing a convenient reference greatly assists in that potential. I have  it on my desk and recommend it to all.”

—Lt General David A. Deptula, USAF (Ret) Dean, The Mitchell Institute of  Aerospace Studies