Bending The Knee During The National Anthem: What It REALLY Means

America is not our country.

It is a formal corporation owned, operated and controlled by the jesuits, who designed it from its inception.

However, we are Americans as a whole, until we come up with a better name that describes us collectively.

The jesuits have found new and clever ways to further divide Americans, the latest of which is having prominent sports personalities bend the knee during an anthem that was advertised to represent unity and patriotism in our common country.

The national anthem does not represent our fellow men, women and children who share our values of goodness.

It represents a fictitious country owned by a jesuit corporation.

Bending the knee represents blind subservience to the jesuits and this fictitious corporation.

Those who bend the knee during the jesuits’ national anthem think they are showing disrespect for America the country, or for rich white men whom they believe own the country.

They are incorrect.

These ignorant men who bend the knee do so out of disrespect for our fellow men, women and children. But they don’t realize it.

The end result is to further divide Americans and whip up anger and resentment among us. We already hate each other for the color of our skin, our choice of faith and political affiliation and style of jeans. What’s one more reason to hate each other going to do?

The jesuits move forward one small step at a time, and we never even notice this advance, until it rolls right over us.

Bending the knee to the jesuits means some of our fellow Americans appear as traitors to the rest of us, and we hate them for it.

We should not hate the ignorant, the stupid, the foolish. Because we are all ignorant, stupid and foolish from time to time. It’s a product of being human.

We should educate these ignorant, stupid and foolish men, and bring them back into the fold of goodness.

We should teach these ignorant, stupid and foolish men that the jesuits seek to divide our population at every turn, because it makes us easier to control and conquer, and these ignorant, stupid and foolish men are only fanning the jesuit flame of rule and dominance.

And when we learn what they’re really up to, we have the power to say NO. It’s as simple as that and it does not require any violence or other action. Just stop participating in jesuit intrigues. Do so quietly. Do it every day, little by little, and the jesuits won’t know what hit them.

Imagine an America without the rule of the jesuits:

  • Healthful food and drink
  • Healthcare that promotes good, clean living; treats diseases, not symptoms; does not use pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms
  • No personal income taxes
  • $2.8 trillion dollars poured back into our economy because it no longer goes to the jesuits’ IRS>Federal Reserve>Bank for International Settlements
  • World-class education system that is FREE for all
  • Clean air, water and soil
  • Natural disasters that are controlled wholly by Mother Nature and not the jesuits’ high-tech machinery
  • Mainstream news and entertainment that does not lie, cheat or steal, or promote deleterious behaviors among us
  • The list is endless….