Chapter 1: The Biological/Adoptive Genealogy of Jmmanuel

“Through god’s power and providential care, Earth was made to bear intelligent human life when the celestial sons, the travellers from the far reaches of the Universe, mated with the human females of Earth. Behold, god and his followers came far from the depths of the Universe, where they delivered themselves from a strong bondage, and created here a new human race and home with the early females of Earth.”

These two passages represent some of the earliest known written references to extraterrestrials having visited Mother Earth and established lineages of intelligent human beings. The first statement also suggests that there was some form of humans on Earth prior to the first visit by these extraterrestrials, who most likely used some type of genetic manipulation of existing “human” DNA to produce what Jmmanuel termed “intelligent human life.”

The extent of this “intelligence” is not known, but it suggests that these engineered intelligent humans were in the image of their extraterrestrial makers, i.e. could speak, communicate and think, among other unique actions and traits of intelligent humans. These assumptions are valid, as the extraterrestrial engineers wanted humans to learn The Laws of Creation and the Universe, and live harmoniously on Mother Earth.

With all due respect to Markus-Isa Rashid, his family, his memory, and his translation of Jmmanuel’s words and wisdom, I do believe that parts of this story are inaccurate, and it may be due to an inaccurate translation of the original scrolls, if they actually existed at all. I believe strongly they did. There is some evidence to support this, but it is “lost” in historic volumes in the various countries Jmmanuel traveled, in particular India.

Therefore, I am proceeding on the grand assumption that Jmmanuel Sananda did exist, he was half-extraterrestrial and half-human, he was fathered by the extraterrestrial Gabriel, was sent to Mother Earth on a specific mission by his extraterrestrial race, he did preach a lengthy set of sermons that were recorded by his disciples and eldest son, and those sermons were preserved long enough so that at least 36 of them could be translated into the English language and preserved for posterity.

I also believe that the 36 sermons are quite vague in descriptions about extraterrestrials, their race in general, their ways of living and modes of transportation. Those particulars bother me on all levels, because I expected to read in-depth records of how those who engineered humans lived and worked and conducted their universal travels and adventures. The Indian Mahabarata is more forthcoming about descriptions of extraterrestrials and their flying machines. What I read in the 36 sermons is more of a generalization of someone’s wishes for humanity, devoid of any real facts that would evoke a sense of trust, let alone blind acceptance.

Even though I have chosen to believe in the existence of Jmmanuel and these 36 sermons, I am left wanting so much more.

As a researcher and historian, I crave accuracy in everything I study. And when I don’t get it, I question deeply and search even more for accurate answers. When people ask me about certain aspects of what I am studying, and I don’t know something, I am not embarrassed to say I don’t know or don’t understand. If I know where the information might be found, I offer it. But I never pass myself off as an expert in anything, because I am a babe in the woods of this Universal life and study of it.

As I write these words, I want to scream because these 36 sermons leave so much to the imagination. And still I believe, but not out of some grand purpose or a deep wanting. I believe because Jmmanuel’s words ring true right down to my DNA. They resonate within me in such a pleasant and uplifting way that I feel energized. Yes, Jmmanuel has left out so much, but maybe because it leaves us much room to explore on our own.

So, again, I proceed with the assumption that Jmmanuel and his sermons are real and accurate.

In Chapter 1, verses 89-94, we read of certain demands of the extraterrestrial gods: that we humans are to honor god [lower case form because this god is an extraterrestrial, and not the false “God” of modern religions.] and no other god or gods.

The Laws of Creation, as I have come to understand and appreciate them, do not make demands on anything or anyone. They are based on physical material, energy, forces and actions.

Therefore, we humans are not mandated by the Universe to honor or worship anything.

The Universe from which we came does not care whether we worship or revere it, but it will let us know if we do not respect it: pollute the waters and the sea and you shall suffer from diseases, lack of food, destroyed habitat; rape the land and subsequent rains will strip the topsoil, cause further damage and destruction; detonate nuclear bombs in the atmosphere or underground and you shall suffer the effects of radiation poison, landslides shall cause tsunamis that devastate the land and its inhabitants, among other dire consequences.

Our true extraterrestrial leaders, i.e. those who created our genetic lineages, would like us to respect  The Laws of Creation, but not worship them as if an idol or monument. If they did, in fact, want us to worship their god, they would have coded this behavior in our DNA.

Any references to god or idol worship is an inaccuracy in the eyes of The Laws of Creation and possibly a misinterpretation.

If one studies Creation, which is the Universe’s engine that produces matter, mass and energy and gives rise to the celestiophysics of the Universe,  one finds that Creation is a giant physical motor that does not know good or evil. It only knows positive and negative electrical charges and spins of various physical forms of matter at or below the quantum level, and countless other forms of energy and matter we humans have yet to learn about and use.

There is no good or evil in the Universe, only mass, energy and the physical results of the interactions of mass and energy and all the physical forces that produce the results we see all around us, including those we cannot detect or yet understand.

If we look around, we see our moral interpretations of good and evil. We must ask ourselves: What is good? What is evil? We see destruction of our societies, governments, educational systems, economies, and our way of life. Would we call these evil deeds? They are all happening as we speak, so those humans currently in charge of the planet clearly are doing harm (or evil), but the Universe does not care about this evil. It only knows mass, energy, force and interaction of these entities. It knows positive or negative in charge or spin, not any moral terms or interpretations.

To humans, good and evil are moral constructs that allow us to better define the world as we wish to see it, live in it, interact with it, because we are sentient beings that feel and sense the world around us, and what we take in affects and changes us: our chemistry and behaviors. When we see what we perceive as “evil,” we get frightened, anxious or angry. When we see good, we feel love, peace and well-being.

The Universe cares not whether a human is good or evil, only how it interacts with other matter in the Universe. If a good human wishes to do more good in life, they can discover and study The Laws of Creation and use and manipulate them to their desires.

Likewise, a person or society that wishes to do evil in our human world can use those same Laws of Creation to manipulate mass, energy, force and the geophysical and biophysical cycles we see in our everyday lives.

This is exactly what the Jesuits, the human controllers of Mother Earth, are doing today: using celestiophysical cycles to predict their next actions of destruction; riding those waves to exacerbate their outcome, which we see as evil; manipulating the weather and climate using powerful forces that create torrential rains or droughts, hurricanes and tsunamis; and using these forces to create crisis after crisis, to evoke fear in us all.

The Jesuits and their predecessors have studied celestiophysics over the millennia and have become adept at manipulating its effects to their benefit and to the detriment of all good people.

Shall we call the powers’ actions evil?

Again, the Universe does not care whether an action is evil.

Do we castigate the Jesuits for their insider knowledge?

Do we fault the Jesuits because they choose to do only harm to the rest of the population and cause untold destruction of our planet?

The key to overcoming any evil in this world is to understand The Laws of Creation, i.e. how the Universe is constructed and how it functions, and finds ways and methods to manipulate, mediate, modulate its actions and behaviors. After all, this is what the Jesuits do every day, and look at what they have accomplished:

In each country, control over government and society, economy and markets, education, healthcare and medicine, law enforcement and military, ecological habitats,  weather patterns, and nearly every conceivable activity and behavior that further strips good people of their natural rights, family, livelihood, money, land and possessions

Suppression of natural rights of all good people of the world

Forced compliance of all laws, rules, regulations, mandates

Severe punishment for noncompliance

Habitat destruction that will take thousands of years to repair and reverse

Culling of the population through forced ingestion of poisons in water and food, harmful vaccines and medicines, poor healthcare, wars and military actions

Jmmanuel’s 36 Sermons are only an abbreviated version of the original scrolls based on his lectures and teachings, because Markus-Isa Rashid was murdered before he could complete the translation of the scrolls. Armed only with these 36 important sermons, we can still understand some of these Laws of Creation and, therefore, use them as a springboard for further study into how our Universe functions and how we can use it to our positive advantage.

We as humans need not worship any gods, God, idols, monuments or artificial beliefs. Our energy should be focused on discovering the nature of the Universe and learning to live in harmony with its myriad cycles and forces, actions and behaviors.

While I greatly admire and respect Jmmanuel Sananda and his sermons, I do not believe he or his extraterrestrial father, family, friends and colleagues meant to enslave us with hero worship simply because they were the ones who created intelligent humans on Mother Earth.  It just doesn’t make sense that they would do so, unless we were created to be slaves from day one. This does not appear to be the case, though.

If they truly intended this arrangement to be the norm across the planet, it would be nothing less than “meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” with the boss, the Jesuits, forcing upon all good people whatever laws they so chose, and demanding that we worship the false God and follow the arcane laws invented and enforced by a lineage of humans bent on enslavement of the population and control over the entire world.

As an active student, believer and evangelist of The Laws of Creation, I feel the accurate translation of Jmmanuel’s words should reflect the extraterrestrials’ supreme respect for the Laws. Any reference to or statements about humans worshipping extraterrestrials who created us is surely a false interpretation.

Also in Chapter 1, you will read of Jmmanuel’s genealogy. Since I was a child, I have been puzzled by the phenomenon of “males always begetting males.” Where there any girls among them? From the various historical records available to us today, we do know that at different times in history females were killed at birth. In modern societies, we expect to see a good proportion of females in the mix. Two thousand years ago, was there some unique occurrence that produced only males or a majority of them in each family? The historical record, especially an accurate genealogy, should include the male and female lineages.

Mary, who was reported to be a virgin, was impregnated by the extraterrestrial Gabriel, who was Jmmanuel’s biological father. It is thought that, for thousands of years, extraterrestrials had been mating with human females on Mother Earth and starting lineages of new forms of humans. If you study the “fossil record,” you will find huge gaps in the so-called evolution of modern humans, because the powers chose to suppress the truth from humanity and further their own false agenda and history for the purpose of control over all people.

“Improvements” in the human form were done via genetic manipulation by advanced extraterrestrials. It is still unclear which race of these off-world humans Jmmanuel belonged to, and what their true nature and purpose on Earth was or still is.