American Religion: Chain Of Sorrows

Arcanum11May2015According to Jmmanuel Sananda, all modern religions are false and are based on his teachings, plus the ideas and tenets of mentors who came before him, that is, extraterrestrial teachers. If he is accurate in his assertions, Jmmanuel tells us that all religions that preceded his arrival on Earth were based, in part, on the knowledge of his extraterrestrial race. This includes the so-called Hebrew bible and any variants of it.

There is much speculation among Earth-based scholars who the Hebrews and their descendants actually were and what became of them. Modern history books and texts certainly have been tainted by religious leaders, scholars and scribes who continue to uphold all laws surrounding their false religions.

Anyone studying the Book of Jmmanuel and all subsequent religious texts will not be surprised to note that each text contains kernels of Jmmanuel’s teachings. Modern-day bibles are bastardized versions of Jmmanuel’s words, having been heavily edited to reflect the false teachings of present-day religions and their principles.

Religions Are About Control Control Control

vatican-mar-11By now, many people the world over know that modern religions are merely a control mechanism that promises much and gives little in return. Religious leaders and their employees not only do not follow the very laws they expect their followers to obey, they break many of society’s laws and rules, especially moral ones. Who hasn’t heard of Catholic priests sexually molesting and physically abusing members of their congregations?

Historically, Jesuits disguised as Catholic priests systematically raped and abused nuns, church workers, and members of their flock. Their own people have, over the years, come forward with horror stories of highly ritualized and accepted rape, abuse and murder in the Catholic Church.

And when these reports and allegations come forth, what does the Catholic Church do? Deny, deny, deny. Lie, lie, lie.

One can only deny and lie and cover up ill deeds for so long, before the people start to see distinct patterns of behavior that do not support the words of the Catholic Church.

The Jewish religion is no different, with its various scandals and instances of misconduct by leaders, rabbis and other employees of its synagogues. Jewish leaders, however, are better insulated and protected in the public eye than is the Catholic Church, because the Jesuits use Kazharjews (modern-day jews) as their accountants and bankers, and they must be well protected under law so they can carry out various geoeconomic schemes to fleece the good citizens of the world.

The Birth of Saints

stefanoFor more than 2,000 years, various Romish powers have used religion as a strict means of control over the world’s population, and when the population struggled to accept Christianity, those Romish powers took pages from pagan playbooks, reinvented certain “plays” and “schemes” to fit Christian laws, and released those new rules on an unsuspecting populace.

An example: pagans used to worship thousands of different gods, almost all of them local to a given population. To attract and convert pagans to their flock, Romish priests invented the “saint,” a previously common person (male or female, depending on which pagan crowd needed to be roped in) who was immediately elevated to “sainthood” by the Roman Catholic Church. These saints then served as “gods” to the pagans, who then began worshipping them as they had their own local gods.

In time, there evolved a saint for every occasion. Today, we see the same pattern, but, in addition to the Roman Catholic “saints,” we have rock stars, sports heroes, movie megastars and cartoon politicians.

Still, with all these clever devices, the foundation is now seeing significant cracks. Offshoot religions, which were designed to attract the strays from the traditional religions, have not worked as planned. New Age cults, serving the same purpose as the third party in politics and offshoot religions, have not gotten the large numbers of followers as the Jesuits had hoped.

The New Religion: Entertainment and the Internet

internet-tv-e1318263394564So the powers turned to one of their other means: entertainment.

No one actually knew the true power of the Internet until well after its establishment. If the powers had known or could’ve predicted this untold power, they would not have allowed it to unfold as it has.

The Internet is the new religion, with its attending laws and rules and regulations, all in the form of one kind of entertainment or distraction or another. The Jesuits have welded BigEntertainment and BigMedia with the untold power of the Internet, and have created a new more-powerful religion, the likes of which this world has never before seen. High-tech devices like smartphones and laptops and smart tvs deliver a constant stream of never-ending mind-altering drugs that serve to suck in people of all age and stripe, and maintain them on a diet of false news and information and entertainment.

Religion itself is no longer the world’s keeper, and it no longer matters that it is in decline as the disseminator of Romish morals and values, because there is a more-powerful tool in use as we speak, one that caters to everyone. The Internet—the worldwide web, email systems, SMS, and other forms of texting and message/image delivery—combined is now the most popular form of distraction on the planet, used by billions in almost every country.

Religion certainly never had such a foothold. Even in the deepest parts of Africa you will find cell-phone service, with the poorest folk paying out one-half of their monthly income to have a cell phone.

Africa: The Next Religious Frontier

However, religion is not yet completely dead. In Africa, the Jesuits use the power of tv to reach millions of ignorant souls with Catholic sermons and teachings each day. Not only this, the devious Jesuits also combine each program with donation plans, whereby members can phone in—via cell phone, of course—their pledges, which are immediately debited from their accounts.

The Jesuits have discovered a new method of keeping the poor in their place, without employing the painstaking methods of the past: sending out missionaries to all parts of Africa, setting up schools and missions and churches to attract and convert a new flock.

Yes, the Jesuits still send out its missionaries, and today they are still building schools and churches, but the clever Jesuits are using transnational companies like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to help deliver the Jesuits’ messages. In Swaziland and surrounding areas of South Africa, the Jesuits employ the power of fried chicken to rope in new recruits.

What’s more fascinating is that they also sprout new NGOs with curious names like Kingdom For Children (also KFC). The African children quickly associate one new unknown KFC with the delicious poison sold by the other and voila! A new flock of faithful followers.

The Religion of the Future: A New Spirituality

One might even say that today we now have hundreds if not thousands of new religions, all of which serve in one capacity or another as a means to control the American people. While not every one is completely efficacious in controlling people, they all work in concert to keep people entertained, distracted and numb to the actions and behaviors of the Jesuits. And as entertainment evolves, so will new methods of controlling the population.

If we believe Jmmanuel’s prophecy, then we should expect him to arrive at any moment. What then? Will there be a global reset of some kind, resulting in the cleansing of the world’s ills? How will the religions of today fare? And their leaders? Will their followers be guilty by mere association and ignorance, and be allowed to study and learn the new religion?

Make no mistake, something new is coming. It may not be in the form of a religion, but it will certainly mark a reset of sorts on a global scale, which will result in a new set of laws being handed down to us humans.

Personally, I don’t see religion as a future means of control. More like a gentle philosophy of how to conduct one’s life and share it with others. We’ve seen that modern-day religions, which are based on the teachings of Jmmanuel, have not worked as planned, so perhaps future travelers to Mother Earth will adopt a new approach.

The alternative will be to wipe out Earth’s population of humans and begin anew. This also has been prophesied many times by different people of different faiths.

Whatever new method appears on our horizon, it will most likely contain similar, if not the same, teachings as before, just packaged differently and disseminated by a whole new type of religious leader. Even though Jmmanuel may not have been present the past 2,000 years, he doubtless has gotten word of our current predicament, and thus has developed a new plan.

young-childrenWe humans on Mother Earth are largely the same as those who were around 2,000 years ago, but with a different set of tools. We now have high-tech at our disposal, but we’re still the same ignorant souls as before, with severe ignorance about our own DNA, ancient past, the knowledge and wisdom of Creation and the Universe. So we must be trained in some way, perhaps by extraterrestrials who will be patient this time, unlike Jmmanuel was during his last visit.

If we humans are to survive, we must be prepared to adopt a wholly different way of life and living, or face extinction and replacement. I feel we will be given fair warning of the next coming, and thus will be able to decide for ourselves which route we take as individuals: retraining or mass slaughter.

The choices seem simple but are far from it. The Jesuits have not prepared us at all to receive the goodness of retraining. However, we have proven as a species that we are capable of learning and adopting new methods and ways of living and conducting ourselves. Even with poor training by the Jesuits, who have steered us toward enslavement, we still can overcome our own slavery and adopt a new way of thinking, acting and treating others.

After all, it is written in our DNA, which provides us all the answers we could ever need to live a good, clean life, either on Planet Earth or off-world somewhere. It will take very special people to lead us from the current evils were we live our daily lives and step into a new unknown, one that promises a painful yet fulfilling journey to a different way of life and living.

If religion as we know it plays any part in this, the very definition must be rewritten, and also be seen by the population as a whole as something strong and positive, something to respect and admire.

My personal belief is that we can start anew with a Universal kind of religion (read: spirituality) that offers a safe and peaceful way of living. It also should include as part of its study and practice the lost sciences, celestiophysics and astrology, both of which provide deep insights into the nature of geophysical and biophysical nature on Mother Earth.

If we adopt something entirely different, then so be it. Some of us already know and speak of its virtues. Now all we need do is convince the billions of other lost souls on Mother Earth.

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