American Morals And Values

“The long-feared and hated rasputitsa of eastern Europe envelopes the morals and values of our beloved America today, no longer confined only to one season each year.”

—William Garner

We are all governed by the Laws of Creation and the Universe, although most of us have no idea what they actually are. Those who came before us left some clues but nothing definitive. Jmmanuel prescribed general guidelines for living, which he preached to his followers, but even they were often confused about the true nature of them and how to implement them. Nonetheless, I extracted 124 Laws of Creation and published them in my previous book Arcanum. The Laws are also posted on my website under the title The Laws of Creation.

Modern religions have bastardized Jmmanuel’s words and twisted them into commandments, laws and rules, a strategy that has worked remarkably well over 2,000 years, mostly because those forceful teachings came at the end of a sword or whip. Pain and fear are great motivators.

Morals and Values Are Preached to Americans

Today’s system of morals and values is still preached by the Jesuits via their BigMedia, BigEntertainment, etc. and taught daily in schools, colleges and universities to millions of malleable children and young adults. Again, all highly effective. One need only look at the results: a severe decline in the moral landscape of America over the past 60 years. Look around you to see some of these products, which include loose morals exhibited by our children, teens and young adults, at home and in public. They mimic what they see and learn in films and tv shows, trying desperately to be the next Kardashian or West or Cyrus. Wearing the latest come-hither outfits that scream cheap and easy public sex and displays of raunchy sexuality. Speaking in colorful ghetto language fit for a paper king and queen. Life imitating base art.

The Jesuits’ morals and values were dictated to them by their predecessors, but they took these dictates and elevated them to a new level of depravity. For example, the Jesuits espouse adultery, assault, murder, rape, child molestation, theft, extortion, among every other type of crime on the map. They don’t simply allow these acts, they insist their priests and cohorts teach all the fine points of them to followers, and beat them into everyone else.

Today’s society celebrates the horrible public behavior of so-called role models, elevating cheap acts to each evening’s headline news and frontrunner entertainment. What effect do you think this has on a person’s mind? Those who choose not to engage in it willfully remove themselves from this system that seeks to corrupt us. Those who remain stuck to their widescreen tvs are fed daily doses of it, parrot what they see and hear, and act out the base behaviors for the grand stage.

The primary means of disseminating uncivilized actions is via “role models” on the big screen acting out the bad behavior of the day. And repeating it over and over until the next actor or entertainer replaces her for the next act.

Humans were designed and engineered to believe in something higher than themselves. Our engineers used a type of genetic engineering, which we cannot yet fathom, to code each of our behaviors into us. They also gave us the option of free will, which few ever take advantage of. And the Universe itself provides its own special code that gives us our custom Map of Destiny.

This genetically programmed, built-in system is designed so we act in certain ways under various conditions. Some leeway has been granted, yes, but we normally give away this power to some external source that hijacks it for its own purpose. The Jesuits have done just this by cleverly and effectively taking control over the human psyche through behavioral modification. The majority of Americans fall victim to it everyday. Again, one only has to look around at the results of what I speak of to witness the truth.

We are spoon-fed whatever morals and values the Jesuits wish for us at that particular time. It doesn’t take much: some flashy and sexy actress or singer or dancer, or a slick politician with a smooth tongue. And sometimes the message they carry is simple: some cigarettes in your home. Or have sex with many people.

We are all children of the Universe.

Kill the Child in All of Us

This is a very real phenomenon, our being children. Even 2,000 years ago, the Romans preached that the child must be destroyed to make room for the adult, the grown-up.

Why would anyone want to kill a child?

Or kill the child in all of us?

Because children are the most powerful entities on Mother Earth. They possess great power that most of us adults and grown-ups lack. The child is absorbing the greatest amount of real stimuli and information from our world and the Universe. That child is capable of learning many different languages, understanding high mathematics and physics, and thinking beyond any reasonable level we adults work on each day. The period of childhood is the most intensive time in the life of a human being, where children absorb vast amounts of information and knowledge, and act out curious behaviors to discover things by experiential experience.

The brain of a child is wired to use the maximum number of neurons during this period, to effect these actions. The only times adults again experience this “high” is during a traumatic event that produces an “adrenaline rush,” and when using drugs that induce it. I call this adrenaline rush “hot cognition,” when the brain recruits thousands more neurons to perform a job that would otherwise require the normally functioning brain to use only a small number of neurons.

Only children are capable of using this complex neuronal system that is on fire 24/7 for only about 16 years. In modern American society, children are now programmed to “turn off” all sparks of their creativity and thus go numb.

The Jesuits understand these complex processes all too well and so use this period in a child’s life to shape and mold them into malleable and obedient little robots that will do the Jesuits’ bidding at any time. The tools of choice as BigAdvertising, BigMedia, BigEntertainment and BigPharma. [Note: these metonyms aptly refer to the large industries they’re named after.]

The Romans sought to kill the child so they could forge an adult who worked according to a prescribed plan, earned a meager income, paid heavy taxes, and was a slave to the Holy Roman Empire.

Today, this is exactly what we see: young children exposed to adult themes early on, designed to beat the child out of them, to create civil and docile adults and grown-ups who do as they are told and do not ask questions.

Again, how could anyone even think about killing such a beautiful entity, a gift from the Universe?

A beautiful child.

When people first read these words, they are outraged. Ironically, not by my revelations about this malevolent behavior by those in power, but that I would publicly bash the very power that provides the highly addictive entertainment that has so captivated American audiences. How dare I attempt to educate the American people about the various means by which the Jesuits bend and twist and control our beautiful minds.

Yes, the nerve of me to issue wake-up calls to every American about how one entity seeks domination of every mind in the country.

We Are All Connected

The Laws of Creation tell us that we are all connected. At this point, we all should be feeling horrible, because our children, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers are all in great pain. How is it we cannot feel their pain? Because the very powers that feed us their messages hidden inside entertainment also include another active ingredient: a powerful novocaine for the mind, one that shuts down our gift of fear and alarm.

We no longer can react in appropriate ways to warn our neighbors of the harm caused by these various insults, because we have been numbed by them. In this present state, we become willing receivers of . . . anything and everything the Jesuits wish for us.

How do we break free from these bonds so we can feel once again? Turn off the tv. Stop watching all those hidden messages. Stop taking those mind-numbing drugs and booze that alienate you from the rest of your connected human beings. When you disconnect yourself from the depraved morals and values of a system that seeks to destroy your very soul, you wake up to a new dawn and begin to feel again. You see your first sunrise. Taste your first meal. Smell your first rose. Speak your first kind word. Hear the beautiful thoughts of other human beings.

Yes, we have been programmed to believe in something higher than ourselves. I say this “higher something” is Creation itself, whatever form it comes in. We do know there are extraterrestrials among us, and they are far advanced on all levels. Imagine a being or civilization of beings that are so advanced that we cannot possibly grasp the depths of their intelligence and capabilities. Can you even imagine such a creature?

Let’s say that, at this moment, we are connected to this great being, and have ready access to its soul. And let’s say that this soul is the most advanced entity in the Universe. It carries all the secrets of Creation and the Universe, and those secrets are now at our fingertips. What would we seek to know first? What secrets are most important to us now? And how would we use them if known?

I know many people would love to design a new set of morals and values for humans. That’s a beautiful sentiment. But I offer this: why don’t we simply remove the numbing chemicals from our air, water and food supplies? Why don’t we remove the toxins from our bodies and minds?

The effect?

We then will be free to feel once again the innate good morals and values that have been programmed into us by Creation.

And we will once again learn how to implement them for good. It’s not necessary to build a whole new system of morals and values, because we already have a good and effective one inside each of us. It’s just that, in these difficult times, the Jesuits have found clever ways to hide our own goodness from us.

When we break free of their thorny and toxic bonds, we will be able to experience what our ancestors lived and breathed each day, and we will then teach these morals and values to our children who will be free of external malevolence that seeks to cloud the soul and destroy the heart and soul.

We will awaken to the fact that happiness is not something we should pursue, because some piece of paper gives us the “right” to, but happiness is a by-product of being productive and doing something meaningful. Happiness is simply a just reward. All of us will see that happiness comes from leading a clean and good life, doing what you love doing, and sharing with and teaching it to others.

Yes, we will soon awaken to the fact that having good thoughts and a healthy body automatically produce the sensation of happiness. And when we express gratitude for these gifts that we ourselves actually create out of thin air, we experience even more happiness. It is a never-ending cycle that produces goodness throughout the world, because when one experiences it, we all do. Because we are all connected intimately and now can feel everything.

The Answers Are Inside Us

Each of us has all the answers inside us, but we are taught that we are ignorant fools who must obey a certain “God” and someone else’s set of rules and principles. Why follow false rules and teachings that run counter to what you “know”? Allow your inner thoughts to wash over the Jesuits’ malevolent morals and values, so your goodness can surface. Spread the cheer to family and friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The more of us who wake up to our own personal power, the sooner we all will sense this collective energy.

And the sooner we harness this new-found energy, the faster we will tear down the old malevolent way of life and build a new and improved version. One that sets us on a true moral course that makes us feel good when we awaken each day, so we perform meaningful work that blossoms into a new happiness. And that happiness spreads from one person to another until it becomes an energy greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Please remember this: you are a child of the Universe, a gift to all humankind. Do not allow anyone or any entity to strip this beauty from you so they can mold you into an automaton for their own use. Keep your inner child, find meaning in your life, and share it with those you love and other around you.

King Alfred the Great, writing more than 1,000 years ago, put it well:

“In prosperity, a man forgets himself. In hardship, he is forced to reflect on himself, even though he be unwilling.”

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