American Health: The Business Model That Kills

The jesuits have a long-term, 9-step business model for health in America.

You can also label it “The American Life Cycle.”

The cycle incorporates dozens of different sectors of society, e.g. healthcare, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, food manufacturing, etc.

All work in concert to produce unhealthy followers who do as they are told every step of their lives.

Step 1: Before birth, feed mother unhealthful foods that cause diseases in her and her unborn child. This is called “Preparing the mother.”

Step 2: At birth, child is born with disease(s) and is predisposed to other diseases and health issues. Also called “Seeding the child.”

Step 3: Child grows up consuming unhealthful food, drink and pharmaceuticals, and is exposed to unhealthful air, water, soil and other man-made pollutants and harmful chemicals. “Junk-feeding the child.”

Step 4: Child is introduced to the American way of life: honor, trust and obey authority and their mandates, especially when they’re dispensed by someone with an MD or PhD. “Indoctrinating the child.”

Step 5: Child grows into an adult with multiple health issues that can only be covered by expensive health insurance. The jesuits’ return on investment begins here, as the newly minted adult now pays hard-earned money to the system (mostly for healthcare). “Normalizing the adult.”

Step 6: Adult must take on second or third job, or loses job altogether, can no longer afford to purchase necessary drugs to treat diseases caused by unhealthful food, drink, pharmaceuticals, unhealthful air, water, soil, other man-made pollutants and harmful chemicals. “Stressing the adult.”

Step 7: Adult files for financial relief from creditors. “Bankrupting the adult.”

Step 8: Adult’s health fails. “Traumatizing the adult.”

Step 9: Adult dies an early death in their 50s. “Killing the adult.”

America is the only country in the world that has this peculiar business model, which is designed to kill Americans slowly and, during the process, extract as much money from them as possible. It also weakens the American economy, and permanently undermines Americans’ Constitutional rights.

From afar, the overall result is further degradation of America and her beloved Middle Class, creating a weak country of two classes: poor and “wealthy.”