Alexander Hamilton’s Face On US Currency? Put His Mugshot On Toilet Paper

AlexHamiltonBloodyFaceFrom William Garner’s article on LinkedIn Pulse:

I respond to Mr. Gerald Hassell’s 25 June 2015 article on Pulse, This is no way to honor Alexander Hamilton.

An excerpt from Mr. Hassel’s article: “Given all Hamilton has done for this country and its modern-day fortunes. . . .”

Seriously, Mr. Hassell?

The Bastard Hamilton, a Traitor to The People of America

The “good” Alexander Hamilton was a *bastard* Rothschild working for the Jesuits, which were the sneaky, black-robed gangsters behind most, if not all, the significant events during the founding of America.

Beware Things That Go Bump in the Night

Our own Founding Fathers feared the Jesuits more than any royal puppet of the British Crown, and for good reason: the Jesuits showed no mercy to those who opposed them publicly; they not only tortured and murdered the object d’ire, but the victim’s family, friends and colleagues, leaving one alive to warn all others.

A glaring example: President William Henry Harrison was poisoned by the Jesuits very early in his presidency, and soon maligned by the Jesuits as being “the worst president in US history.” They also murdered all but one of his family members. Senator Thomas Benton’s 1854 book, Thirty Years’ View, corroborates these horrific murders.

The Jesuits’ Marching Orders

On the orders of the Jesuits, Alexander Hamilton assisted greatly in establishing the first central bank in the United States. The Founding Fathers did not openly oppose the formation of this new bank.

It was a private bank, owned and operated by the Jesuits via their minions in London and in the States. Worse, the Jesuits, via their other private bank, the Bank of England, forced loans upon the good people of nascent America, and plunged our country into its first major debt crisis, the likes of which we still see today. [Private: “provided or owned by an individual or an independent, commercial company rather than by the government.”]

In the end, the “good” Alexander Hamilton chose to die a coward’s death rather than face the inevitable: being discovered and outed as a Jesuit-Rothschild conspirator.

The War of 1812: We Will Huff and Puff and Burn Your House Down!

The War of 1812 was actually fought over our attempting to withdraw from the Jesuits’ private banking system. While revisionist history books tell us that the US won the War of 1812, they could not be more inaccurate. The Jesuits got exactly what they wanted: a renewed charter of their private central bank in the US, and they also delivered a significant message to America’s future leaders and those in the know: we will burn down your homes and public buildings if you oppose us. Note: the Jesuits did, in fact, destroy the president’s mansion and the Treasury.

You should be asking: Why the Treasury!? Why the Treasury!?

The Jesuits burned our leader’s home to say, We can reach you even in your own home. They burned the Treasury, the US’s symbol of money-power to say, We own you and your money.

It’s in the Details, Stupid

The Jesuits are notorious for using striking symbolism in their murderous attacks, actions and behaviors, even to this very day. Witness all the false-flag attacks on American soil and around the world: if you examine them closely and with objective senses, you will discover many significant symbols within each event.

The Jesuits are so confident in their total subjugation of American’s rights, they now openly and brazenly flaunt their success: e.g. the white pope, the so-called leader of the Catholic world, is openly marketed as a Jesuit. Before him, back to the 1540s, all white popes were either under Jesuit influence or complete control or were Jesuits themselves, but the Jesuits never openly revealed that a white pope was a Jesuit.

Until now.

But Don’t Take My Word For It

Here’s what Jesuit insider Thomas Jefferson had to say about America’s first central (read: private) bank and the consequences of allowing it to exist:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

We’ll Never Believe You, But Show Us Your Proof Anyway

My book, Who Really Owns Your Gold, Third Ed. provides more details about the Jesuits and the House of Rothschild. It’s available from (paperback) or ebook from If you’re not a reader and prefer videos, please check out’s Disclosure series with David Wilcock. I was interviewed for several of their episodes. Season 2 is airing now. Please check their programming schedule for my interviews about the Jesuits.

Sean Maclaren’s upcoming book, ROMANIC DEPRESSION, details Jesuit operations in more than 40 sectors of American society today.

The absolute proof of our assertions in both books and my interviews can be seen in the results of the Jesuits’ offensive behaviors toward good Americans. Mr. Maclaren could easily have made his argument using only one or two sectors of our society, but he wished to make a significant point, using many striking examples that every American in sectors such as Law Enforcement, Military, Politics, Economics, Education, Agriculture, Law, Medicine, Healthcare, etc. can identify with and understand clearly. The examples, mostly pulled from headlines we read every day, will astound you and force you to re-think what you are being told by BigMedia.

They Thought They Were Free

If you are telling yourself that none of this could ever happen in America, you are dead wrong. It’s been happening since America’s inception, but the actions have been so slow to progress and have occurred over decades that no one really noticed.

It happened to the good people of the Weimar republic in 1923, all of whom thought they were actually free and that “none of this could ever happen here.”

It happened to the good people of Russia, China, Colombia, South Africa, Zimbabwe . . . and in every country throughout the world.

Education in America: MMA, Honey BooBoo and Kim Kardashian

Until all good Americans educate themselves about the revisionist history touted by people like Mr. Hassell, politicians, and the pretty talking heads in BigMedia and BigEntertainment, our so-called Constitutional rights will continue to be subjugated and burned up like so much discarded ash.

Not that it matters, but our Constitutional rights no longer exist. Any “rights” we citizens think we have are only an illusion, and are governed by an entirely different “Constitution,” that of the United States of America, Incorporated (in Rome, Italy).

Good Americans must know the truth about who governs us.

Cut! Cut! Cut!

By the time I share with people here on LinkedIn what I know to be 100% accurate, I fully expect to be left with less than a dozen so-called “connections,” because most people (even those who know me personally) still refuse to believe, let alone understand, the true nature of the power behind the black curtain in America. And who wishes to be associated with someone who reveals the accurate truth when the revisionist history is so much more entertaining?

Shame on all of us for rejecting the accurate truth.

All It Takes For Evil to Prevail Is For Good People to Do Nothing

Instead, watch MMA fights, see what Honey BooBoo had for lunch today, learn what color of underwear Kim Kardashian put on this morning, or how much money the NBA’s #1 draft pick will earn his first year in the pros.

We would rather immerse ourselves in mindless noise than take the time, effort, energy and money to learn about the world around us.

Mr. Hassell Has a Point!

But, hey, Mr. Hassell is accurate on one point: Hamilton did pave the way for many a modern-day fortune . . . at the expense of millions of good, ignorant souls.

References: Please see Sean Maclaren’s website for more than 200 excellent primary-source materials on the Jesuits.

Image: Unknown artist + William Garner and Photoshop.

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