A Very Brief History Of America: How The Jesuits Have Distorted Our Own Past

Romanic-DepressionThe following is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Romanic Depression: How The Deadlight of the Black Pope and the Jesuit Militia Have Distorted the History of the United States of America.

For more than 2,000 years, history has been falsely recorded to reflect whatever agenda the powers that be dictated. An excellent example: the original words and teachings of the half-extraterrestrial, half-human known to the world as Jesus Christ were bastardized and condemned to the pages of various bibles that have served as an effective means of control over billions across the planet.

If you study the history of other countries, you will find the same pattern of lies and deceit and sometimes total inaccuracies. We know this to be true because some brave souls recorded the actual events and handed them down through the generations, and also because we can look at the results of some of those pieces of history: the outcome simply does not match what was written.

In short, people lied in the texts and books and newspapers that recorded history for posterity. But why distort a country’s historical record? These are events in the past. How should they affect the future? Why should we in the present care about these distortions?

The Jesuits have been the greatest and most prolific ghostwriters and recorders/rewriters of history the world has ever seen. They are responsible for all the major works of a man they called Shakespeare, a volume of astounding work that continues to influence and teach us. All of the great published authors and artists since the mid-1500s have been under the thumb of the Jesuits, who have directed their movements, often directing the course of politics and law, for example, through the media of the written word and painted image.

The stunning works of Titian reflected history in a “new” light, along with his majestic portraits of important figures of his day. They were used to demonstrate the “importance” of the paintings’ subjects to members of various courts, which in turn used them to manipulate royals and other social and political leaders.

Authors over the past several hundred years wrote many books that influenced social, religious and political movements and actions designed by the Jesuits. Our current history tells us that most “commoners” were illiterate, but in fact many were not, having been schooled in their homes and in small groups by learned citizens. Many of these groups were held in secret, as the Jesuits outlawed any form of education not preached by their own.

American history is a running joke, beginning with the so-called “Founding Fathers,” who were mere pawns and sycophants of the Jesuits. Alexander Hamilton was a bastard Rothschild, under the firm control of the Jesuits. The others took orders from various Jesuits, including the former Black Pope, Lorenzo Ricci, who faked his own death in Rome and fled to America. He and his Jesuit priests wrote the narrative in the background.

You must wonder how this group of so-called Protestants could not be aware of the strong, magnetic influence of Rome. In fact, they did know, but did not speak of it. Some tried in their own way, perhaps attempting to leave us clues about what really happened behind those closed doors of the early Republic.

Thomas-Jefferson-Quote-for-the-FedThomas Jefferson spoke of the “bankers,” but he really meant the Jesuits who controlled the families who owned the banks that sought full control over the banking and economic interests of the nascent United States. He warned future Americans that we should not allow bankers to get a foothold or we would surrender our lives and our land to them.

He was really speaking out against the Jesuits, but was afraid to say their name or talk specifically about any one influencer in their society.  It remains to be seen whether Thomas Jefferson truly was an American patriot, as we call it today, or whether he was always false and controlled opposition, one of many who spoke out against the British crown to deflect any attention away from the Jesuits.

My personal belief, based on studying his and others’ papers, examining  circumstantial evidence of the day, and studying the results of the actions of our so-called “Founding Fathers” is that these men all knew about the Jesuits . . . knowingly took their offices in support of the Jesuits . . . and steered America in whatever direction the Jesuits ordered.

Not a single Founding Father ever openly opposed the Jesuits.

America was doomed from its inception because it was designed and built, not by Protestants who truly opposed the church and religion out of Rome, but by Rome and her Jesuits who in turn hired, controlled and manipulated the “founders” of the United States.

How easy it would have been not to establish a central bank in America. Very easily done, if those “Protestants” who “opposed” in public would have struck it down from its origin and denounced any foreign power attempting to control the banking and economic interests of the New World. It would have been very easy to have built a new government without the influence of Rome, if the founders of this new country would truly have opposed Rome.

But they did not.

Quite the opposite: they not only established a prominent central bank in the United States, they built an entire city to honor Rome and her rulers: Washington, District of Columbia. If you study this hidden history only for a day, the results will astonish you, because they all point to the powers in Rome, regardless of what the history books now tell us.

The Jesuits found the perfect way to divide and conquer the citizens of America, by creating a civil war along the lines of the most contentious issue of the day: slavery.

Slavery was one of the biggest money-makers of the day, and had been for hundreds of years. The Jesuits were masters of tearing indigenous people from their homelands and enslaving them in other parts of the world. West Africa was their hunting ground for America’s slaves, only a small portion of which were used in the workforce and that was in the South.

The Jesuits controlled the movements and behaviors of the Confederate Army Commanding General Jefferson Davis, and consulted with him during the plotting of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. They even used the most elite Confederate soldiers, then known as Mosby’s Rangers, in the escape of John Wilkes Boothe.  Davis was a pawn whose job it was to destroy the Union Army at all costs, but in the end he failed.

The Jesuits did not see the Civil War as a failure, because they got what they wished for: a divided America.

In the ensuing decades, people were taught and schooled to identify themselves as either from the North or South, and to view each other as mortal enemies. Jesuit priests ensured the religious leaders of the day preached and taught their followers and scholars hatred. Toleration of the other side was not permitted.

America had previously been set up as a system of united states, which was difficult to control as a whole. Following the outcome of the Civil War, the United States was now sharply cut into two separate pieces, both of which were much more manageable by the Jesuits, which set the two against each other in pitched battled. Literally.

American history tells a quite different story, though, that America healed her wounds after the Civil War, and forged on through the Industrial Revolution to build the strongest nation on the planet.

It is true that we went through a revolution that saw the building of large companies and firms, specializing in iron and steel production, the building of great railroads and tall cities. But what that history does not tell us is that those industries were highly controlled and directed by the men in Rome.

What do we really know about the history of WWI? What was its true purpose? Did it really begin with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by a Serbian triggerman in Yugoslavia? Was it actually that simple? Did many countries go to war with each other because of a single shot?

Of course not. That is all Jesuit rubbish, but it certainly makes for a good story.

Let’s fast-forward to the outcome of the war: the establishment of the world’s first “single ruling governing body,” the League of Nations.

The Jesuits’ goal had been to build a mononation and rule by a single government.

They had already sharply divided all the important countries in the world via some civil war or series of wars, making them more malleable and controllable by the Jesuits. And it was easy to control both sides of a country’s political parties. The next step was to unite only the significant and influential countries of the world under one roof.

The plan did not work as ordered, and the League of Nations ultimately failed. When something of this magnitude does not work, one must ask how and why. The answer is obvious to those of us who love individual freedom and liberty: the people of the world were opposed to being ruled by a single government, as it would mean giving up their own identities, their culture and history, and the very thing that makes them distinct from all others. Their own country and all it stands for.

The Jesuits understood these facts, and still pursued their single ruling government. It would take another 20+ years, but they forced the United Nations (UN) upon us all after another bloody excuse: WWII.

Today, the UN is used by the Jesuits to remove specific and whole rights within the constitutions of each member nation, and thus the people of those countries now are under the control of the UN.

This is a difficult subject to appreciate, let alone accept as gospel. But it is 100% accurate. The US Constitution is a dead letter and only exists to make us Americans feel we are connected to our “Founding Father’s” ideals of peace, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

All of it is a grand lie, just like our history, which is being written by Jesuit minions who publish it daily via BigMedia and BigEntertainment, and we swallow it whole.

Even if we attempt to discern between what is true and accurate and what is false, it is sometimes impossible because the inaccuracies are so well dressed up and presented as fact . . . the ultimate Jesuit farrago.