Killing Monsanto’s Glyphosate: Does It Really Matter?

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People often tell me about “researchers” and “investigators” who seemingly blow the whistle about harmful chemicals like glyphosate, then ask, “If these researchers can expose something so harmful in public, they must be legitimate.” Or, “This one investigator’s website got more than 50 million visits last year!”

For one, no true researcher or whistleblower is allowed public exposure on such a grand scale without being controlled from within. The Jesuits cannot afford to lose control over important news and information for public consumption.

Example: if my articles were to reach a similarly high level of exposure across America or the world, my website would be shut down and I would probably be threatened or terminated.

Legitimate researchers and investigators are not allowed such access to the public eye and ear. Worse, we are now charged with publishing “fake news,” but that’s another story.

Reports Exposing the Dangers of Glyphosate. Are They Legit?

The reason why the Jesuits allow a popular herbicide like glyphosate to be scrutinized and demonized so freely in public is because it is only one of thousands of harmful, money-making chemicals that are killing the worldwide population and manipulating atoms and molecules within our DNA.

Meantime, we myopically focus on glyphosate for years, the other chemicals are quietly added to products we ingest every day. When the glyphosate cycle runs its course with the public, the Jesuits will have one of their minions “expose” another harmful chemical that we will gleefully beat up in public and demand the FDA remove it from circulation.

The cycle is endless and occurs in every sector of our society and those around the world.

It’s part of a grand scheme to maim and kill a large portion of our population over decades, while changing the makeup of our DNA so we cannot perform many human functions, e.g. procreation, and also forever altering the state of our own health.

Vaccines Cause Diabetes . . . Among Other Deadly Diseases

For example, vaccines administered in countries in southern Africa are directly causing diabetes, among other life-threatening maladies. I visited all seven countries in southern Africa and talked with local physicians and nurses. They all sounded the same alarm: after patients received flu shots and other so-called vaccines, all of a sudden, many developed diabetes, even those who previous had perfect health for decades.

News about these harmful vaccines does not reach mainstream media. What’s more, legitimate epidemiological studies are suppressed. After all, it’s only Africa.

Many tell me they just don’t believe these reports, mainly because they didn’t see it on sites like CNN and FoxNews.

Forget for a moment that all mainstream media are owned and controlled by the Jesuits.

All one need do is examine the state of our health over the past 50 years.

Glaring patterns abound, and they spring from the ingestion of harmful food, agricultural and industrial products.

What’s happening in Africa is only an example, and it is a proving ground for future rollouts in America. The Jesuits have always used other countries to experiment first, get things just right, then introduce it in America.

The Jesuits’ Worldwide PR Machine

Sadly, especially for the unknowing and innocent public, the Jesuits direct the largest advertising, marketing and PR spin machine in the world, and it generates all the lies and half-truths about what is harming and killing us ever so slowly.

Even before the Jesuits, the powers in Rome had in place a massive public-relations engine that dictated all that Rome’s citizens needed to know and think about. This engine spread to all countries, allowing control of most news that reached the public.

They spin harm and danger into a series of euphoric scenes and scenarios that lure us in and fool us into believing their grand lies.

It’s All About Distraction Distraction Distraction . . . And Some Numbers

The Jesuits can more than afford to have glyphosate pounded into nothing by critics and ultimately removed from chemical formulas that produce hundreds of food and agricultural products, because there’re thousands of other harmful chemicals already in place, maiming and killing us slowly.

Unfortunately, we’re not even considering them, let alone studying them and removing them from the products we eat and drink, otherwise ingest, rub over our skin, massage into our face, spread under our arms, allow to touch our bare body for extended periods.

It really is a deadly game of numbers and the Jesuits have thousands in their favor, while we ignorant souls chase just one or two insignificant things that, in the grand scheme, mean nothing.

The laws and rules of statistics always favor those who control and manipulate the numbers.

Please remember this: the Jesuits allow many small public “victories,” lest our frustration and anger boil over and we storm their castle. Though heart-breaking, our “victories” are as insignificant as a speck of dust on the tip of an iceberg.

More details can be found in our books, Who Really Owns Your Gold, Third Edition, and Romanic Depression, Book One, both available on Amazon.